#OurVoiceOneMessage - A Star

As part of our 'Black Blood Appeal' Campaign and in the run up to our 1st Blood Drive, we asked our 4 ambassadors who are affected by Sickle Cell Disease some questions to raise awareness about Blood Donation and Sickle Cell in the African-Caribbean Community. Each of their stories are unique, yet reiterate the same message: the need for more black blood donors.

Name: Alidor Gaspar

Age: 31

When were you first aware of your condition? First memory is age 5

What do you do? Missionary/Artist

What do you do to raise awareness of sickle cell anaemia? Music, workshops, social media and word of mouth

State an interesting fact about yourself: I met the queen at age 7

Have you received a blood donation part of your treatment? If so, how many? Yes, I receive an exchange transfusion every 6 weeks. I started in November 2018 and haven’t had a crisis since then.

Why is it important to have more black blood donors registered to donate blood? Because they are a better blood match for black people with sicklecell.

What are the main symptoms and complications that you deal with from having the condition and how are these usually managed? Body pains, I usually try to keep hydrated and take any tablets needed.

How has sickl