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Attain educational advancement and tailored learning activities which are designed for your career progression and wellbeing in mind. This immersive enrichment experience ensures a multi-faceted approach to deliver high quality educational content through our teaching curriculum, mentorship and wellbeing interventions made accessible through our Wellbeing Fund. The activities are designed to help Black African and Caribbean final year medical students navigate their last year of medical school and help them thrive in the next phase of their life as doctors.
The Mind Us Enrichment Programme is a 12 month development programme for Black African and Caribbean final year medical students which focuses on educational advancement alongside wellbeing support. The Programme is designed with a multi-faceted approach and is standardised according to key aspects within the GMC outcome for graduates. All students must participate in four modules which follows the Mind Us Intervention Model which has been designed by the Mind Us Project team. This includes the Mind Us Teaching and Wellbeing Curriculum. The learning programme also incorporates a carefully selected Mind Us Mentor which will incorporate one-to-one Mentorship sessions supported by the Mind Us Enrichment Programmes team.

One-to-One Mentoring

Educational Webinars

Access to

Therapy Services


Application Window 

1st October 2020 - 1st November 2020

Shortlisting of Mentees: 2nd November 2020

Virtual Induction and Training: 21st November 2020

Programme Start: 3rd Week of November 2020

Programme End: Last week of November 2021

Duration: 12 months

Including One Virtual Induction session + Five Medical Education and Wellbeing Virtual Learning Sessions + Monthly Mentoring sessions + Three Therapy Sessions + One Day Academic Conference Attendance (Workshop Training) 

Location: Online, Self-Paced Learning.

Cost: Free

During the course of the Enrichment Programme, you will have access to a wide array of resources which will cultivate and broaden your skill-set for professional development through our Mind Us Educators and Mentors.
During the course of the Enrichment Programme, you will have access to a mandatory teaching programme which aligns with your current curriculum and is tailored in accordance to key aspects within GMC outcome for graduates.
Throughout the course of the Enrichment Programme, you will have access to well-being resources and specialist interventions which are carefully matched in accordance to your cultural needs.



The programme follows a phased approach which incorporates The Mind Us Intervention Model designed by Melanin Medics . The various strands of the programme focus on identification, self-development, resilience and maturation leading up to the transition into working life as a doctor. There are 5 mandatory learning sessions which are facilitated by the Mind Us Educators and clinical experts. You will benefit from monthly mentorship sessions which run throughout the whole 12 months and a series of therapy sessions.


January 2021 - March 2021


April 2021 - June 2021


July 2021 -

October 2021



October 2020 - December 2020



Educational advancement through personalised teaching programmes and learning activities. 

Enhanced resilience and welbeing and a deeper understanding for how to deal with complexity and uncertainty. 

Increased self-confidence and empowerment.

Preventative measure to address differential attainment due to socio-economic factors.



Mentors must be a UK-based Doctor registered with the GMC

You will be paired with a final year medical student mentee to give them a better understanding of what is needed in the transition from medical school to foundation years.

As a Mind Us Mentor, you will be required to do the following:

  • Commit to meeting with your mentee a minimum of once a month via our mentorship platform.

  • Mentors are required to undergo initial training and will receive ongoing support

  • Submit a log of reflections on the Mind Us programme.

  • Utilise mentoring  guidance and resources shared 

  • Receive a certificate at the end of the programme year for contribution

Applying to Mind Us does not guarantee you a place as this depends on numbers overall. We will, however, accommodate as many volunteers as possible.

Deadline for Mentor Applications: 25th of October 2020




Black African and Caribbean Final Year Medical Students who require an enriched learning environment, coaching sessions and well-being interventions which are tailored for educational advancement.

You will be paired with a doctor to give you a better understanding of what is needed in the transition from medical school to foundation years.

As a Mind Us Mentee, you will be required to do the following:

  • Commit to meeting with your mentor a minimum of once a month via our mentorship platform.

  • Mentees are required to attend the mentee induction session, mentor meetings and Mind Us Education webinars

  • Submit a log of short reflections on the Mind Us programme.

  • Participate in the therapy sessions provided by specialist services

Applying to Mind Us does not guarantee you a place as this depends on numbers overall. We will, however, accommodate as many mentees as possible.

Deadline for Mentor Applications: 25th of October 2020



According to research conducted by The GMC, ethnic minority graduates of UK medical schools have had worse outcomes during recruitment for foundation, speciality training and consultant posts. In addition, in comparison to white peers, ethnic minorities have 2.5 times higher odds of failing exams. Moreover, an international narrative review has outlined that medical students from an ethnic minority background have “experienced less supportive social and less positive learning environments''. This showcases that BAME medical students and doctors are at a higher risk of being disproportionately impacted in their learning and educational support due to the long-term extenuating circumstances of COVID-19. This evidence further highlights the necessity to provide supportive interventions which aid in the delivery of educational resources to eliminate differential attainment for BAME medical students and doctors.


The people below are volunteering their time, expertise and support for the 12-Month Enrichment Programme which runs in tandem with the Mind Us Project.


Dr Jade Okene

Enrichment Programme Lead

Jade Okene is a newly qualified Doctor with an interest in healthcare management, palliative care and medical education currently completing a PGCert in Clinical Practice, Management and Education. Her background incorporates entrepreneurship, public advocacy and operational management. She is an EIT Health Alumnus, HLA Alumnus and a Medics.Academy Fellow. Voluntarily, she serves as the appointed Director of Operations at Melanin Medics. She is currently the Mind Us Project Lead, an innovative teaching programme supported by BMA Giving and Programmes Lead for the Enrichment Programme.


Ayomide Ayorinde

Enrichment Programme Co-ordinator

Ayomide Ayorinde is a final year medical student at Imperial College London and a 2020  ‘We are The City’ Rising Star in Healthcare Award winner. During her intercalated year, she chose to complete a BSc in Management to explore medicine through a completely different lens. She enjoys exploring leadership and management within healthcare and recently co-founded a Women In Healthcare Leadership Society at Imperial. She currently serves as the appointed Education and Training Officer at Melanin Medics and the Programme Co-Ordinator for the Enrichment Programme for the Mind Us Project.


Khadija Owusu

Enrichment Programme Co-ordinator

Khadija Owusu is an award-winning Leader, Speaker and Medical Student. She is the Director of Programmes at Melanin Medics, an Ambassador at Medics2You and the GUBA-Enterprise.  Khadija is a change agent, and a voice for Black and Ethnic minority aspiring medics, medical students and doctors as she works to tackle issues on equality, diversity, racism and differential attainment. She has been a guest of Michelle Obama at the White House; won the Women in STEM Award by HRH Princess Ann. In addition to this, she has spoken at various national and international conferences, is selected as a 2020 Rising Star in Healthcare, a ‘Top 150 UK Future Leader’ and has been featured on BBC, ITV and Channel 5 News.


Dammie Olubowale

Enrichment Programme Co-ordinator

Dammie Olubowale is a medical student at Plymouth University. She is currently intercalating at the University College of London on their Women’s Health MSc course. She is passionate about Women’s Health, outreach within medicine and mental wellbeing within medicine. She currently serves as the appointed Partnerships and Engagement Manager at Melanin Medics and the Corporate Partnerships Lead for The Mind Us Project and the Programme Co-ordinator for the Enrichment Programme for the Mind Us Project at Melanin Medics.


Melanin Medics is a UK-based registered charity dedicated to promoting diversity in Medicine, widening aspirations and aiding career progression for African and Caribbean students and doctors. Our organisation has been dedicated to implement positive solutions which will help to overcome under-representation and remove socio-economic barriers in the medical profession since its inception as an organisation in 2018. In 2019, Melanin Medics held 24 events and outreach sessions, reaching over 300 event attendees, 2,798 young people and was supported by 148 volunteers. Over 90% of applicants assisted in the 2018/19 cohort received offers for medical school. As of currently, Melanin Medics is home to the UK’s largest intergenerational network for current and future African and Caribbean doctors where it serves over 700 BME members within their Aspiring Medics, Medical Students and Doctors Network catering to each of their target demographics. The organisation is recognized and supported by The British Medical Association and General Medical Council and has engaged in continuous medico-politics since conception such as The BMA Racial Harassment Charter for Medical Schools, The GMC advisory board and advocacy work for under-represented groups and differential attainment.

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