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An Outreach Program developed by Melanin Medics to increase participants’ awareness of careers in medicine and the demands of the undergraduate medical degree. This outreach scheme aims instil confidence in students encouraging them to pursue careers in Medicine whilst challenging stereotypes. Our Outreach Program provides in-depth and personal learning opportunities for students, teachers and classrooms across the country as we believe that all students should have access to the resources required to pursue careers in Medicine irrespective of their socio-economic background and race.

Discovering medical careers

Melanin Medics Outreach Programmes aims to provide young people with the necessary support to develop and explore their interests, introducing them to the range of possibilities and encouraging young people to understand the link between hard work and opportunities whilst developing an awareness of qualifications and route(s) to becoming a doctor and discovering the world of Medicine. 

Informative, captivating sessions

We offer Inspirational Talks and workshops to students of all ages focusing on different themes such as:

  • Life as a medical student/ doctor;

  • Applying to study medicine (our tips)

  • Ethics; clinical skills e.g. first aid;

  • Medicine taster sessions e.g. learning about the human body, mental health awareness etc

  • Revision techniques

  • Personal development

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Lead by our team of medical volunteers

All of our sessions are run by our passionate team of medical students and doctors who are all DBS checked.

We would be delighted to visit your school. If you have any queries or you are interested in having us visit your school, we can be reached at to schedule a time that would be convenient for both of us.

Volunteer Spotlight - Melanin Medics
Inspire! Education Business Partnership

Volunteer Spotlight - Melanin Medics

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