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About Us

A non-profit charitable organisation for the present and future African and Caribbean doctor.


Our Story

In 2017, Melanin Medics began as a blog with the sole purpose of increasing the representation of African and Caribbeans in Medicine. The platform quickly grew and the need for an organisation providing support and positive representation was identified. 

Today the organisation has grown significantly, reaching thousands of young people in the UK through outreach and hundreds of African and Caribbean current and future doctors. Melanin Medics has identified that Africans and Caribbeans in Medicine face a number of challenges on their career journeys and need to be better supported. 

Melanin Medics provides practical support through a number of programmes, events, engagements, outreach, networking opportunities and mentorship in order to fulfil our mission and address what we perceive to be a pressing issues. 

Read our 2019 Impact Report to see our progress.

Our Vision

We envision a future where diversity in Medicine thrives and every person is able to fulfil their maximum potential irrespective of their race and socioeconomic background.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote diversity in Medicine, widen aspirations and aid career progression through educational programmes, social empowerment and valuable resources.

Our Aims


future and current doctors to aim higher and attain excellence


future and current doctors with the knowledge  and support needed to pursue careers in Medicine


the perception of

equality and diversity

in Medicine

Our Core Values


We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our activities, results, and developments. 


Community is at the very core of what we do. Our work is made possible through the contributions of several volunteers, partners and supporters.


We focus on serving those around us who are in need and utilising our resources to support individuals on their career development and personal development journeys.


Since our establishment, we have been committed to fulfilling our aim of promoting diversity in medicine and working towards the actualisation of our vision.  


We focus on implementing innovative and practical solutions to a high standard to maximise our impact and bring about necessary change.

Our Impact Report
Read our 2020 Impact Report

An in-depth review of our achievements this year, our ongoing mission, our future plans and real stories.

Read our 2019 Impact Report

An in-depth review of our achievements this year, our ongoing mission, our future plans and real stories.

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