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Introducing our new Melanin Medics team members!

As we are coming into the end of the first month of 2024, we thought we would take the opportunity to introduce our new team members who have recently joined our organisation. Melanin Medics would not be able to continue to uphold our various streams of work without the dedication and generosity of our volunteers so we are incredibly grateful to them!  We proposed to them a challenge of describing themselves in 3 words and have shared some of their responses below!

New Members: Communications Team

From left to right, Emma Brew - FY1 (Secretary), Faith Lambo - 3rd year medical student (Social Media Officer), Funmi Asekun - 5th year medical student (Social Media Officer), Ellen Nelson-Rowe - FY1 (Blog Lead)

We are delighted to have 4 new members to our Communications Team. They are looking forward to seeing Melanin Medics continue to extend their reach and create new events adapted to current demand, and continue to foster an even greater and more connected community of young black medics through nationwide events and our social media presence. 

Emma has a career interest in dermatology and medical education. She describes herself as “introspective, reliable and sensitive”, also astutely recognised by 16personalities test!  Funmi has interests in ENT, Paediatrics and OBGYN. She describes herself as “curious, caring and diligent” as she loves exploring new things especially through travelling and hobbies and her determination: “once I set my mind to doing something, I want to do it and do it well! (or at least, learn how to do it better!)”.  Ellen is an aspiring ENT surgeon who describes herself as “empathetic, efficient and extroverted” - alliteration intended! Ellen says that her outgoing, eager nature has helped her to network widely and meet people from all streams of life which has nurtured her ability to relate to others and adapt to working with others effectively.

New Members: Academic Team

We are delighted to have 2 new academia officers: Kwaku Duah-Asante (FY1) and Michael Atife (3rd Year Medical Student). They are excited to see they can support the research network to help students and doctors alike through webinars and blog posts. They are both passionate about diversity and “hope to do their part in making the lecture halls of tomorrow more diverse by helping the next generation get a foothold. No black talent should be lost for lack of guidance”

Michael describes himself as “outgoing, enthusiastic, cheerful. I like to seize the day with a smile on my face!”

New Members: Programmes Team

We are delighted to have 2 new members to our programmes team: Giulia Olayemi - Outreach Officer (Final Year Medical Student) and Patricia Ogunmakin - Education and Training Officer (Enrichment Programme) (Core Anaesthetics Trainee). They joined Melanin Medics to provide others in a similar position with the help and support they wished they had received, and to be part of a network of incredible Black Medics!

Trish describes herself as “motivated, passionate, resilient. All three are needed to overcome adversity and I strongly believe with these skills, you can achieve anything you wish to!”

New Member: Events Team

We are delighted to have Ginika Okaka  join our events team. She is a 4th year medical student with interests in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Global Health, who joined Melanin Medics to help promote diversity in medicine. Representation in healthcare matters and factors such as socioeconomic background or race should not be an obstacle to becoming a doctor. 

She describes herself as “curious, open and kind” - “I love asking questions and researching things that pique my interest.I'm open-minded and outgoing. I like to try new things and get out of my comfort zone often. My favourite quote is that people may forget what you said or did but will never forget how you made them feel!”

New Member: Advocacy Team

And last but not least, we are delighted to have Naomi Ehigie join us as an advocacy officer who has previously supported our enrichment programmes events. She is a current FY2 and has interests  in medical education and widening participation. She is excited to channel her skills into bridging gaps and nurturing future medical leaders with such a talented team.

We are incredibly excited to see what they will participate and achieve with us in 2024, under the direction of our chief executive Olamide Oguntimehin and Directors who have recently undergone a new structure you can read more about here

I look forward to writing and hosting guests on our blogs for the rest of 2024! 

Dr Ellen Nelson-Rowe,

Melanin Medics Blog Lead

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