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​The Mind Us Wellbeing Fund is a free mental wellbeing support service for doctors and medical students of black African and Caribbean heritage.


Why we established the Wellbeing Fund

For doctors and medical students of black African and Caribbean heritage, COVID-19 has identified them as an at-risk group coupled with the exposure of their occupation and individual experiences of race-related trauma, access to specialised supportive psychological services is needed. Whilst the detrimental effects of COVID-19 on the wellbeing and career support of ethnic minority doctors and medical students has been clearly highlighted, there is a lack of supportive strategies that have been provided for this group who are at a greater risk of having adverse mental health outcomes. Therefore it is essential that there is a service which  provides support which mitigates the long-term impacts of COVID-19 upon our current and future workforce.
The Wellbeing Fund forms a component of a wider array of initiatives supported by BMA Giving, focused on supporting the mental wellbeing of Black African and Caribbean medical students and doctors, called the Mind Us Project. The Mind Us Project aims to provide accessibility to wellbeing services for Black African and Caribbean medical students and doctors in order to help combat some of the negative ramifications of COVID-19 has had on their mental health whilst simultaneously facilitating career support.

What we will provide

Through the Mind Us Wellbeing Fund, we will provide FREE culturally competent psychological support to medical students and doctors from a Black African or Caribbean background, including those of mixed race heritage who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19.

This will consist of a single online session. 

The sessions will be delivered by black African and Caribbean psychology professionals through the Frontline Therapists who specialise in culturally sensitive psychological support services. 

The confidential support will take a psychoeducational approach by  focusing on providing a safe space to discuss what you are going through, suggest practical steps to manage and support you​ with appropriate further support services you can engage with.

Location: Online

Cost: Free

What we will provide

How it works

Request for a session by completing the Self-Referral form

We will match you with one of our psychology professionals

You will be contacted via email to arrange your session

Your session will be conducted virtually at a time that is best for you

How it works

Request for a session

To access the Wellbeing Fund, you will be required to complete the referral form. Information obtained through the referral form will be used for the sole purpose of accessing the wellbeing fund and will be shared only with your allocated psychology professional and stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Maing a referral

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