Our 10 Top Tips on What To Do During Summer Break

Summer is on the horizon! Is it too soon to be excited? After a challenging year, the summer season is what we can all look forward to. The great weather, ample time and new experiences are just a few of the highlights. It's so important that you utilise your summer efficiently; do the things you love, catch up with friends and family and focus on passion projects. This is your time to really rejuvenate! We've shared our top tips for making the most of your summer, even if you're a Medic or applicant, make sure that this summer is one to remember!

1. Reflect, relax, rest and recharge!

The majority of us, if not all of us would have just completed several final exams or OSCE’S which challenged us mentally, physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is vital to give yourself a break to recover from these exams so take some time out for yourself whether it be binge watching all your favourite Netflix/Youtube /TV s