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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

With so much content to cover during medical school it is important to find various methods to consolidate your learning as well as heighten your knowledge and understanding. YouTube Videos tend to explain topics in a concise however detailed manner and utilises visual aids. Maybe you’ve decided to watch a YouTube video before your lecture or tutorial to gage an idea of what the topic is about or maybe you want to go over it when revising old topics; YouTube videos serve multiple purposes and are always there for you to go back to. We do not recommend that you depend solely on YouTube videos, as they are relatively short they may negate some necessary information so do not abandon your textbooks just yet! Here is a list of helpful YouTube Channels that we have previously used:

  • Khan Academy Medicine

  • Armando Hasudungun

  • Osmosis

  • Shotgun Histology

  • Anatomy Zone

  • Physiology Zone

  • MedCram

  • Handwritten Tutorials

  • Geeky Medics

  • Ken Hub


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