Being More Than Just a Medic

As part of our plans to expand this year, we have decided to share the stories of many Melanin Medics (both doctors and medical students). We believe that it is very important to show that our journeys to Medicine may differ greatly but ultimately the destination remains the same. Through out the year we will be interviewing various Melanin Medics at different stages in their training/ careers, giving them the opportunity to share their personal stories of the steps they took to excel in their careers and get to where they are today.

Medicine is without a doubt a time consuming career and continues in this way right up until you stop practising. With that being said it is very important to ensure that Medicine isn’t all that defines you. Right from the medical school application stage, being an all rounded person is a quality that is constantly reinforced and making sure that you are able to manage your time effectively and make time to the things you enjoy is equally as important. There are so many opportunities in medical school to pursue your interests alongside your studies! The things you can do to define yourself as being more than just a medical student or doctor are limitless e.g. start or join a society, volunteer for a charity, set up your own social action initiative, take part in courses, be a creative (e.g. youtuber), be a mentor and much more.

We had the privilege of being able to interview Kwarteng Sarfo, a medical student at Imperial College London, with dreams of becoming a vascular or GIT surgeon or consultant Endocrinologist in the future. Furthermore he has a great interest in technology and wishes to amalgamate his medical career and love for technology in the future. Social mobility, university access and empowerment of young individuals, is a subject close to home for Kwarteng and in the near future he hopes to set up an organisation that tackles these subjects.


KS: Variety of things. Currently teaching myself video editing. Hoping to learn full stack development at some point and also eventually teach myself guitar. At the moment, I am learning Italian.

Previous things include;

  • General officer for logistics and marketing

  • Tutor

  • Amos Bursary Scholar

  • Playwright

  • President of ACS

  • Caterer

  • Peru volunteer

  • Event planner

  • Powerlist foundation Deloitte Leadership programme delegate