A-Level Revision Tips & Advice

With AS and A level exams approaching, the time has come to focus on revision and ace these upcoming exams! Having completed my A levels last year I understand how stressful this time can be so I have compiled the most useful tips that helped me in the weeks before my exams.

1. Grab a hold of the specification for each of your subjects

The specification tells you exactly what you will be tested on and what examiners are looking for so be sure to use it! Always have it around whilst you revise and use it to clarify what you need and don’t need to know and use it as a checklist to tick off concepts that you understand and/or have memorise.

2. Understand the concepts

Understanding is so crucial. Ensure to take the time out to understand the material within every topic that you must learn for your exams. With understanding, memorising becomes much more easier. You can be confident that have understood a concept or topic when you can explain it to someone and do so with ease. Try this out with friends or someone in your family!

To go about understanding a concept I would start with a single topic for one subject and use multiple resources such as my exam boards endorsed textbook, the specification, my revision guide and other online resources to make my own short and concise notes.

3. Memorise definitions

As tedious as this may seem, make a glossary for the key definitions for each subject. These are such easy marks to pick up in the exam so do not overlook this!

4. Memorise your notes by frequently testing your memory

Continuously test yourself on what you have learned. Don’t fall into the habit of just reading your notes. You often find that after, you may not remember half of what you had just read. Instead use active recall to strengthen your memory on a particular topic. Active recall involves retrieving information that you have previously learned from your brain.

There are a number of active recall strategies and you must find the one that is best for you. What worked for me was creating mind maps/spider diagrams with my textbook closed and my revision notes away after I had reviewed them for a particular topic. This would force me to retrieve facts from my memory. After, I compare what I wrote on the mind map to my notes and see what I had missing (what I had forgotten) and take extra time to memorise that specific section. I would continue this process until I was certain that I could recall all the concepts in that topic with ease!