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Empowering current & future doctors of black heritage

A national charity promoting racial diversity in Medicine, widening aspirations and aiding career progression.

We champion racial equity in medicine, for the benefit of the workforce and patients.

We widen access to medical school and medical specialty training for black young people, medical students and doctors.

We equip and support black medical students and doctors to advance in their careers, connect with peers and grow professionally. 

We educate current and future healthcare professionals about how to care and advocate for patients from diverse backgrounds.

Home to the largest intergenerational network of black medical students and doctors in the UK

Whether you are a young person or a postgraduate student thinking about becoming a doctor, we can help you!

Whether you are in you are an undergraduate, intercalating or postgraduate, we can help you!

We help doctors to thrive and progress through your medical career through resources & events.

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Making a difference through mentoring

At Melanin Medics, we support the individual through role modelling, mentoring and career support. We influence their environment through outreach, advocacy and workshops.

Community is at the heart of what we do

We ensure young people, medical students and doctors black African and Caribbean descent have the opportunity, community and resources to excel in their medical education and careers.

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