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Programme Officer

Voluntary role

Reviewed after 1 year

The Programmes Officer works closely with the Director of Programmes to create and implement pre-existing and new programmes. in addition to this, you will also be responsible for developing and overseeing a training programme for our volunteers that participate in the programmes and events.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Delivering and overseeing one of the Melanin Medics programmes e.g. Envision Med, Enrichment Programme, SurgIn: The Lewin Programme

  • Create training programs and prepare any learning materials needed

  • Conduct surveys to judge how programs are received and if changes are needed

  • Delivering and overseeing the training of volunteers

  • Compiling and presenting information

  • Implementing, advising on and monitoring appraisal schemes

  • Supervising and monitoring progress made via training programmes or schemes

  • Ensuring volunteers receive statutory required training

  • Designing and assessing training programmes

Eligibility Criteria

  • Experience of organising and leading several outreach events

  • Outstanding written communication and presentation skills

  • Excellent teamwork and organisational skills

  • Strong experience preparing reports

  • Friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude

  • Ability to develop programmes

  • Detail-orientated with the ability to manage multiple projects at a tim

  • Experience working in a not-for-profit organisation or charity role with exposure to the not-for-profit sector would be an advantage

Organisational Relationships

  • Reports to the Director of Programmes 

  • Works closely with: Programmes Team


Our work is focused in the United Kingdom. Our team work mainly remotely with in-person commitments for our seasonal events.

Expectation: 2-5 volunteer hours a week (varies based on roles and activities).

Who can apply?

Individuals who are passionate about our cause and have an understanding of the community we serve and its needs. These roles are not restricted to having a medical professional background.

Why you should apply?

We believe that the power of our organisation comes from the passionate people who believe in our mission and similarly desire to make a difference to those around them. Melanin Medics is a rewarding working environment that provides our team with a strong sense of achievement and recognition for the important work we do. Our extensive network allows us to provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth within and outside of our organisation. 

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