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Making a difference through outreach, workshops and advocacy

Supporting the individual through role modelling, mentoring and career support. Influencing their environment through outreach, advocacy and workshops.

Outreach & Engagement

Our school outreach sessions are designed to raise awareness about medical careers and the demands of an undergraduate medical degree. By challenging stereotypes, positive role-modelling and fostering confidence, we encourage students to pursue careers in Medicine.

We engage with various universities and NHS trusts across the country to highlight the support we provide to black medical students and doctors.

Equality & Diversity Workshops

We provide a wide range of Equality and Diversity workshops to enable medical students, doctors and allied healthcare professionals to better understand and support colleagues and patients from diverse backgrounds.

Topics include allyship and  advocacy, health inequalities, cultural competence, anti-racism, being an active bystander and unconscious bias.

Our workshops provide innovative ways to foster critical conversations and understanding about inequality and difference and further provides actionable strategies and tools that individuals can use to advocate for themselves, patients, colleagues and others. 


Since our establishment, we have successfully delivered a number of mentoring programmes, supporting beneficiaries at significant transition points in their medical education and training. 

We work with organisations to better support black medical students and doctors in their medical education and training. Our insights and expertise are a valuable resource in tailoring your programmes to suit the needs of your beneficiaries and aiding their career progression.

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