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For Aspiring Doctors

Join hundreds of black aspiring doctors in our network

For UK based GCSE students (Year 10 & 11), A-Level students, university students of black heritage​ or parents of UK based black aspiring doctors.

Helping you to successfully apply to medical school and fulfil your dream

Medicine application support

Benefit from our free medicine application resources including personal statement and interview support.

Guidance from mentors

Receive advice and guidance from mentors and role models with lived experience applying to medical school successfully.

Connecting with others

Connect with like-minded peers with similar aspirations. Learn from each other and build your support network. 

What's on offer?

We offer a range of programmes, events and services tailored to the unique needs of aspiring doctors. These resources include access to expert mentorship, scholarship opportunities, and networking events that enable aspiring doctors to connect with established professionals in their field.

Aspiring Medics Conference at the General Medical Council
The Envision Med Summer Research Programme
  • What is the Aspiring Doctors Network?
    The Aspiring Doctors Network is a digital community that allows black aspiring doctors to stay informed of the resources, programmes and services that Melanin Medics provide to support them in achieving their career aspirations.
  • Who can join the network?
    UK based GCSE Students (Year 10 & 11), A-Level Students or University Students​ of black heritage who aspire to become doctors ​ Parents of UK based aspiring doctors of black heritage
  • What are the benefits of joining the network?
    Access the largest intergenerational network of black medical students and doctors Application building opportunities Discounted access to local, national and online events Access and support to apply for grants and bursaries Exclusive discounts, resources and events
  • What is the cost to join the network?
    The network is FREE to join. You are more than welcome to make a donation to our charity.
  • What support do Melanin Medics provide to aspiring doctors?
    Personal Statement Reviews: Receive tailored feedback on your Medical Personal Statement for FREE Mentoring: Be mentored by a medical student or doctor on the Envision Med Programme Interview Preparation: Take part in a FREE Mock Interview to prepare you for your medical school interview Events: Attend our events and workshops to help you build a strong application Advice: Contact our team of volunteers for any advice you require on the application process Guides & Resources: Use our step by step guides to help you with your Medicine Application

Join the Aspiring Medics Network

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