What to do if you don’t get into Medical School

Medical school applications are so competitive that deserving candidates are turned away every year. However, please be encouraged that many applicants get rejected first time and are later successful. It is important to not lose hope. Here are some tips to help you through this time.

Allow yourself to heal

Rebounding from medical school rejections is tough. Being rejected can feel discouraging and demotivating especially when you know you have worked so hard. I would encourage you to allow yourself to recover and to heal from it. However, you must bounce back. Don’t give up on the fight. Rejections may mean you might have to wait a little longer than expected but it doesn’t mean that you will never get there. Rather than view rejection negatively, see it as a true test of your passion and desire to study Medicine.

Concentrate on A levels

Do not let any rejections hinder your motivation to study for your A-levels. It’s okay to feel down for a little while but make sure to bounce back and redirect your focus to achieving the best grades possible. Don’t lose hope!

Reflect on why got rejected

At times, a rejection can be due to a flaw in your application. Take to examine every aspect of your application to see what went wrong. Was it a pre-interview or a post-interview rejection? If pre-interview, did you meet the GCSE requirement? Do your predicted grades meet the A-level requirement for that medical school? Did you meet the non-academic requirements including extra-curricular activities, volunteering and work experience?

If post-interview, how was your interview performance? Why did your interview performance let you down? What could you have done differently?

If you can, try and get feedback from the medical schools that you applied to. Although this might not always be possible, it is always worth asking.

Consider clearing

The universities offering clearing spaces differ from year to year. Although getting into Medicine via clearing is competitive, it is definitely worth a shot and there is no harm in trying. Clearing opens on July 5th 2019. By going on the UCAS website you’ll be able to search the Medical schools that you can apply for via clearing.

Note that you would have had to achieve the correct grades and have met the entry exam threshold to be considered. Also, prepare for another round of interviews!

To find out more about clearing, you can check the UCAS website by following this link: https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/results-confirmation-and-clearing/what-clearing

Consider taking a gap year