Updated: Oct 2, 2018

There are so many Medical Textbooks to choose from and they’re far from cheap. You may get some textbooks handed down to you from old medical students, borrow books from the library or use online versions but we do recommend that you gradually build your own library. The medical profession consists of constant reading and no book becomes useless, they’re all beneficial. It is best to start with an anatomy textbook and physiology textbook at the very least and over the years add to your collection covering topics like Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Histology, Cell Biology and Clinical Medicine.

Please note that every medical student/ lecturer will recommend different books. We advise that you do not buy any of the textbooks listed down below without having tried them out for yourself. Additionally, we ask that you use the reading list you may be provided with by the university and also do not hesitate to ask more senior medical students what they would recommend. Here is a list of the textbooks we recommend: