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  1. Rewarding. As a doctor you have the opportunity to witness your direct impact on people’s lives and how the outcomes of decision you have taken have a significant difference to an individual’s quality of life. Throughout your studies and further career you’ll meet a selection of people from different walks of life, some will be your colleagues or mentors, others might be seriously ill patients and their families. As a doctor you are able to form meaningful relationships with patients and satisfy your sense of duty by giving back to society. Being a doctor is a life-changing career as you are an a privileged position to make a change and the great amount of responsibility you are entrusted with is humbling.

  2. Lifelong learning. The end of medical studies does not mean the end of learning. Quite the opposite, with your college providing you with basics for further knowledge and skill development.,  medicine is a unique example of constant professional perfecting. The medical industry is quickly advancing as more and more discoveries are made. As a medical student you have the opportunity to learn from so many different sources in structured and non-structured environments. Clinical exposure and human interaction means no two experiences are the same, as different situations require different responses.

  3. Medicine is Universal. All over the world, there is a great uniformity of medical science knowledge and practice. A doctors role in society is highly necessary, until people stop having accidents the world needs more doctors. In most cases, medicine students get a job immediately after they graduate. No matter where you go, doctors are held in high esteem and your acquisition of universal medical knowledge means that wherever you go you ca be of great help to those around you and save lives.

  4. Medicine is a Privilege. As a doctor you get to witness best and worst parts of life, from lives being born to live being lost, it is a pretty bitter sweet experience. This aspect may be particularly challenging especially seeing people when they’re most vulnerable however this can lead to you gaining a different perspective of life itself. It is a roller coaster journey that consists of highs and lows, with everyday presenting a new challenge. With each difficult situation, greater lessons are learned that shape your character for the better.

  5. Great Opportunities.  Medicine provides countless opportunities for professional and personal growth. It is a diverse field and provides a great platform to diversify, you can choose to work in hospitals, science institutes, public health care providers or be part of the medical department of some other professional field.  The field of medicine is ever changing as more and more research governs the way leading to a greater understanding of the human body.

  6. Respected Profession. Pursuing a career in the medical field is greatly admired, doctors hold a significant position in society because of their invaluable contribution to the sustenance of humanity.  Due to the demanding, challenging nature of the profession and the length of training, Medicine tends to attract the best of the best. Doctors are seen as a symbol of morality, responsibility and service towards the community and the public are aware of their hardworking nature and sacrifices made on their journey.

  7. Intellectual Challenge. Science makes up a large part of Medicine, it is an exciting and fascinating field. The human body is composed of numerous intricate systems and a lifetime of building on this knowledge is one of the key reasons people choose to pursue a career in Medicine. This knowledge can be used to aid one’s ability to alleviate pain, there may not necessarily be a cure for every case presented but more importantly one is provided with an improved quality of life. The process to studying Medicine is extremely difficult therefore is able to short list well-suited applicants and the rigour of the course means that students are required to be highly academic possessing characteristics such as tenacity resulting in one being constantly pushed to achieve greatness.

Every one will have different reasons why they want to study medicine, do not allow the negatives to put you off and remember the negatives are outweighed by the positives. We would love to hear what interests you the most about Medicine and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


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