The Black Lens: Norwich Medical School - University of East Anglia

I have been studying Medicine at Norwich Medical School for the past four years - I have definitely learned a lot and gained a lot of experience over the years!

Course Structure:

The five-year MBBS Medicine degree follows an integrated structure, with huge emphasis and early exposure to clinical and practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge - right from the beginning of Year One. Essentially, this means that we go and see patients within our first month of medical school! This is unlike more traditional medical schools that split the course into pre-clinical and clinical years.

Each year of the course is taught and organised according to different system-based modules, using the integrated structure which consists of:

  • Problem Based Learning (PBL)

  • Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Cadaveric dissections in anatomy

  • GP placement/primary care (usually one day per week in every module)

  • Hospital placement/secondary care (usually runs for four weeks in every module)

  • Opportunities for electives and intercalation

*In Year 5, the focus is majorly on clinical attachments with programmes such as student assistantships – in order for the final year students to solidify their clinical knowledge for their upcoming Foundation Year roles.

One of the best things about Norwich Medical School is the early patient contact that we get to experience, and the emphasis on practical skills teaching during placement. Going to placement so frequently helps to consolidate and build upon our theoretical knowledge that we would have been introduced to and learnt during the teaching week (via lectures, PBL, seminars, dissections etc.). It quickly prepares you for real-world scenarios and the clinical and professional environment. Also, it builds confidence in the clinical environment and allows you to de