Medical School: Expectations vs Reality

Medical school at times is exactly what I feared,  but some days it is the complete polar opposite of what I expected. There are many medical school misconceptions, and the reality of the experience is often different than you’d imagine.

EXPECTATION: More Diversity

I genuinely thought there would be more black people; 10 black people in a year of 300 isn’t enough and that’s the truth. As a result, I struggled to settle into my new City and University having come from an area that was a lot more diverse I felt incredibly out of place. I guess with time I have adjusted to it but it would be nice to have seen more people like me in Medical School.

EXPECTATION: More stressful/ Unbearable Workload

To be honest most stress I experience is self-inflicted because I have high expectations for myself and try to always be on top of everything.

The funny thing about Medical School is that if you feel you have nothing to do, you should be worried; there is always a clinical examination or procedure to practise, a case to be re-read or an assignment that is due, so in a weird way stress becomes comforting as you know you’re on the right track.

The workload is crazy because you never quite finish. You can’t really prepare for or conceive the workload of medical school without experiencing it. The best way to make it doable is to stay organise and structure your time.

EXPECTATION: Library everyday

Going to the library after a 9-5 day is probably the last thing you want to do. I don’t like the library and it took me a while to realise that. I thought that was what all Medical students do but I soon realised that it wasn’t the place for me. This taught me to be way more disciplined as I chose to study at home so I learnt to make my environment more conducive to productivity.

EXPECTATION: Less Competition 

You would think that after the crazily competitive application process the competition would slow down but in reality it only gets worse and less overt. You find that people are constantly trying to one up each other and feel the need to repeatedly remind you of their accomplishments.

EXPECTATION: Lectures are mandatory

In my Medical School our lecture attendance is not recorded so you don’t have to attend. Most, if not all of our lectures are recorded and posted online, the only negative is that they tend to be posted a week later. We only have a few mandatory sessions per week.

EXPECTATION: The best students will make the best doctors

Being studious in Medical School is necessary and tenacity is very much needed but you will find that it is Your mastery of the subject combined with your interpers