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Experiences of a BAME medic - DAUK

Have a read of this great article, as a Psychiatry Registrar and member of our organisation, Dr Jermaine Bamfo discusses the challenges, rewards and realities of being a BAME medic in the UK on the The Doctors'​ Association UK blog.

Here is an extract "Being a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) medic comes with its rewards and challenges. Having been raised in the cultural melting-pot of East London, my experiences of interacting with other ethnic minorities in my formative years provided me with a rich array of differing conduits through which I can form a rapport with a wide variety of patients. In saying this, there have also been challenges that I have personally faced in my medical journey, problems that my fellow BAME colleagues have experienced and many more systemic issues which have slowly become more apparent. And it is these challenges that I will be focusing on in this article…"

Read Dr Jermaine Bamfo's full article here:


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