Elective Diaries - St Vincent & The Grenadines

In the summer of 2018, I spent 8 weeks in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on

my medical elective. After waiting for 4 years, I finally got to experience the best

part of medical school and I was not disappointed.

After 14 hours of travelling, we finally arrived on the island and were greeted by

our friendly and eccentric landlord. Her enthusiasm was comforting, the island

doesn’t receive many tourists so she was bursting to show off her island;

although I was miles away from home, she instantly made me feel at ease. The

next day, she was kind enough to take us shopping and show us around the

island. Although small, it was absolutely amazing. The beaches looked like a

screensaver, the weather was hot and the locals were extremely friendly. We

were treated to a “Vincy Sunday lunch” and then of course, we went to the beach,

which was only a 10-minute walk away.

The next day was our first official day of the elective. We were instructed to take

a Vincy bus to the hospital, as it was a 20-minute drive away. After waiting on the

side of the road for 15 minutes, we realised that the Vincy buses weren’t buses at

all; they were the brightly coloured vans that drove past at 100 miles an hour

blasting Soca music. The journey to the hospital was eventful to say the least; a

few prayers were said during that journey! After we paid our placement fees

($50 per week!), we were told that we could have the next two days off to get

ourselves together and get used to the island, so once again we went to the beach

– it was then that I realised this would be a common theme on this elective.