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Didn't get a place for Medicine in the UK? A demystified guide to studying medicine in Europe

Medconnect Europe is an agency comprised of students and Doctors who’ve graduated from Bulgaria that provides free, impartial and understandable advice to prospective students aiming to study Medicine or Dentistry in Europe. As a team, we understand that there are a plethora of agencies who are currently extorting students without actually guaranteeing them a place at the end of the application process, trust us we’ve been there! Luckily, with our service we intend to provide the best experience tailored to students by students who actually know what the application process is like. With that being said, we’d like to walk you through the typical application process, so you are aware of what to expect.

Firstly, it is important for every applicant to have an idea about where they want to study. Are you thinking somewhere in Europe? We offer services for Universities in Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine, and a brief background of these countries can be found on our website. Secondly, all applicants should make a note of the entry requirements that have been set by each university, as some will be higher than others. There are also 4 year Graduate options available for applicants who have already completed an undergraduate degree in the UK, otherwise the course is typically 5/6 years.

Now you have an idea, we’re ready to get started!


Initially, all applicants are required to fill and submit an application form and a contract which will state clearly the terms and conditions of the service agreement that we will provide. The application form is a means for us to gather information about the applicant and to determine if they meet the requirements for their intended study.


Once the application form has been completed, we will require some documentation. This documentation includes a scanned copy of the passport and all necessary educational certificates for the applicant. Please note that throughout this process, our specialised team will always be in constant communication with applicant to ensure that the form is filled out correctly and to notify them of any amendments.


Whilst we are processing the documents, the applicant can commence their preparation for the entrance exam. A number of resources will be available to them via our online portal, which will be more than sufficient for them to pass. Next, all documentation must be legalised by a solicitor and translated into the language of which the applicant intends to study in, which is arranged by us on behalf of the applicant. Subsequently, the application form and documentations are submitted to the university.


Once the University is satisfied with all the documentation that has been provided, the applicant will be invited for either an entrance exam or interview in that country. We know that it can be daunting being in a foreign country for the first time. A member of our team will help the applicant to book flights and any other travel arrangements. Fortunately, a member of our team will be at hand to meet the applicant at the university so they to show them to their exam/interview.


Finally, the applicant will receive an admission letter by the University confirming that they have been successful. In which case it's time to prepare to relocate abroad. Congratulations!


Before the applicant sets off, we host a pre departure meeting for all the students who are travelling to Europe. This provides a great opportunity for the applicant to meet a few people before venturing out into the unknown as well as gaining some vital information about the country, financial aid and study materials for the course.

We empathise with every applicant who hasn’t gained admission to Med School in the UK let alone having to begin the hunt for other Medical Universities in Europe. We can appreciate how difficult this process can be, but that is why we are here to let you know; you are not alone. We hope that this article has eased your mind about studying abroad and more importantly given you an agency you can put your trust in. We will do all the hard work for you.

We look forward to connecting with you somewhere in Europe.



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