A Career in Dermatology

The Melanin Medics Blog Series showcasing black Medical Professionals in various Medical Specialties. Sharing their journeys, challenges and life lessons. #RepresentationMatters. This week we're featuring a dermatology consultant: Dr Sharon Belmo!

Tell us about yourself and your career journey so far

I am a London based consultant dermatologist. I was born and bred in Scotland to Ghanaian parents. I graduated from Dundee medical school in 2006, where I did my foundation training. I then did core medical training in Liverpool and completed my MRCP exams, followed by two 6-month dermatology LAT jobs in both Liverpool and Newcastle. After this I went on to do my dermatology specialist training in Nottingham, where I did my specialist certificate exam (SCE) in Dermatology, obtaining CCT in 2015. It was a long journey with lots of exams but worth it! I have been working as a dermatology consultant in London ever since. Early on in my training, I noticed that there was a lack of attention to skin of colour. This became my passion and specialist interest. I set up the Centre of Evidence based skin of colour resource in 2016 and continue to work as an advocate of dermatology for skin of colour.

Why did you choose this speciality?

Dermatology is such a varied speciality as no two peoples’ skin is the same. Within dermatology, there are also multiple sub-specialities, like paediatrics and dermatology surgery, as well as there being a large scope for research and academia. I always loved surgery but never quite wanted to be a surgeon and was more so a medic at heart. I am also quite academic, therefore found dermatology to be a perfect fit for me! Being so interested in equality and diversity, I cannot think of a better speciality other than dermatology – the study of SKIN! It is also a speciality with good work life balance which is really important.

What does your role entail?

I treat skin, hair and nail conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and different types of alopecia. A