The Medical School Representative works to champion our cause in their respective university. We believe it is imperative for the African-Caribbeans medical students to support each other and cultivate an environment that will ultimately breed success. This role lasts for 1 academic year. Our Medical School Representatives are here to help, if you have any issues, worries or concerns or maybe you need some tip, feel free to contact them.

Become a 2019/20 Medical School Representative!

Maintain regular communication with the Melanin Medics appointed contact over the course of the year


Key Responsibilities:

Function as a point of contact for African Caribbean Medical Students at your university, signposting them to the relevant services where necessary


Key Responsibilities:

Collate and distribute useful resources for African Caribbean Medical Students at your university


Key Responsibilities:

Participate in the 2 MM Representatives Skype Meetings over the course of the year, giving adequate notice when unable to do so


Key Responsibilities:

Representing the views of African Caribbean Medical Students at your Medical School in meetings with MM Team


Key Responsibilities:

Take an active role in promoting MM events and Medical Students Network to students in your Medical School


Key Responsibilities:

Volunteer with MM supporting an initiative/event/outreach session over the course of the MM Rep term


Key Responsibilities:

The Representative works closely with the Melanin Medics team as a point of contact for their respective medical school, ensuring the views and experiences of the African-Caribbean medical student body are heard and valued.


  • Must be a member of our Medical Students Network

  • Must be studying at a UK Medical School

  • Must be in 2nd year or above


Other Responsibilities:

As this role is flexible, here are some suggestions of things you may do with the support of the Melanin Medics Team:

- Organise study sessions

- Organise socials

- Facilitate networking events with healthcare professionals in your region

- Organise outreach events with the support of the MM Team

What’s is in it for me?
- Excellent experience
- Develop great transferable skills
- A chance to network and build relationships with African Caribbean Medical Students & Doctors
- A chance to create positive change for African Caribbean medical students
- Have a say in what national events we do
- Discounted entry to our events

Key Skills for MM Representatives
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills
- Organisational skills
- Approachable/ Friendly
- Responsible
- Self-motivated
- Innovative
- Willing to learn

Our 2019/20 Representatives

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