A Guide to Getting Into Medical School

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Many dream of becoming a Doctor from a young age and some may only have decided recently but that is only the beginning. For those wanting to pursue a career in Medicine, this is a decision not to be taken lightly. The application process in itself is tough let alone the journey to become a Doctor itself, so we want to make sure you are prepared.

~ Thinking of applying to Medical School - Things to Consider


Choosing the right A-Level subjects is crucial for your Medicine Application. Subjects like Chemistry are essential for most, if not all Medical Schools. Some Medical Schools also require Biology as well. The best thing to do is have a look at the entry requirements for Medicine courses at university to see what subjects are necessary.

Work experience is one of the most important components needed to get into medical school. It’s an essential part of the process and having some exposure to environments such as a hospital, GP or care home will demonstrate your dedication to studying medicine and will be useful at every step of your medical school journey.

~ How To Get Work Experience

~ Different Types of Suitable Work Experience

Medical Schools use Admission Tests to select the students with the “most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes and professional behaviours required to be successful in their clinical careers and is committed to fairness in selection to medicine. Different Medical Schools require different types of admissions tests, which essentially all test for the same things in different ways and require a significant amount of preparation.


~ GAMSAT (Graduate Entry)

Writing your personal statement is one of the first of many hurdles you face when applying to Medical School. Your personal statement is what stands between your UCAS application and your medical school interviews which precede your offers. It is your opportunity to show the admissions staff who you are, why you would be a good addition to their medical school as well as a good doctor in the long run.

~ Writing a Medical Personal Statement

There are 33 med schools and you only have 4 UCAS choices. When choosing a med school there are so many things to consider. From location to the cost of living, course styles, admissions thresholds and more.  Choosing which Medical Schools you apply to requires strategy to maximise your chances of being successful. 

~ Choosing a Medical School

Predicted Grades tend to be based off your previous academic performance. Your Predicted Grades must meet the entry requirements in order for you to be invited for an Interview. Most medical school entry requirements are AAA - A*A*A for A-Level student or 2:1 - 1st class for postgraduate students. Depending on the type of course you apply for the entry requirements may differ from the standard e.f. Foundation Course.

Receiving interviews is a very daunting yet exciting time, you’re one step closer to your dream. Interviews are part of the process of selecting the right students, they enable to demonstrate your interpersonal skills and other essential skills for Medicine and expand upon your application so preparation is essential to success! 

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